Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development for Teachers

How to teach best? Special courses for Spanish teachers

Sometimes, Spanish teachers (or future Spanish teachers) who are not native speakers feel they lack the appropriate resources to teach. This is due to their scarce exposure to the language, which limits their chances to learn how native speakers actually use it. Living a language is not the same as studying it, but combining both is the best choice for those who teach it.
Our Professional Development Program for SFL Teachers is designed to create an adequate learning environment for them to deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language, culture and teaching methodology. In order to achieve this, we have created the following courses:

Advanced Spanish & Latin American Culture

This course is based on the idea that language and culture are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, learning a language deeply implies immersing in the culture of native speakers. Accordingly, the two main components of this course are the Spanish Language Improvement module and the Latin American Ideas and Identity module.

The former deals with the subtle aspects of the language, largely unknown to non-native speakers. The latter focuses on the Latin American identity construction and reconstruction processes from an anthropological perspective. The Arts (plastic arts, music, literature and dance) are also included in this course´s syllabus as they are excellent tools to gain a deeper understanding of our local popular culture.

Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) Teaching Methodology

This course is organized in two core modules. The first one concentrates on improving the grammatical, sociolinguistic and pragmatic dimensions of the Spanish language. The second module focuses instead on SFL teaching methodology.

In the Improvement module, the subtle aspects of the language unknown to non-native speakers are taken into consideration (lecture format). The Methodology module is aimed at providing teachers with an opportunity to advance their knowledge of the SFL teaching methodology through a mini-workshop format, which allows them to actively participate in the process of knowledge production.

Advanced Spanish

This course deals with subtle aspects of the language related to the correct use of Spanish. It provides a framework for the analysis, discussion and practice of the most common “giveaways” of non-native speakers, such as pronunciation and prosody, as well as the correct use of prepositional phrases and idiomatic expressions. In case all of the attending teachers are Brazilian, the grammatical and pragmatic contrast between Spanish and Portuguese is specially dealt with. The focus of this course is set on the improvement of written and spoken Spanish.

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